Educate Yourself with Helpful Blogs by Your Westside Dental Clinic

In 2015, we were able to provide our patients with a plethora of dental information ranging from severe issues like TMJ, to dental tips to remember on a daily basis, to cosmetic options you can choose from to improve the way your smile looks. Westside Family Dental wants patients to have everything that they need in order to achieve the smile that they've always wanted.


Here are the blogs that we've created in the year 2015. They're categorized by month, including the titles of the blogs listed below. If you have any questions or would simply like to schedule an appointment with your Westside dental clinic, call our office at (317) 241-9876.



January 2015

  • Importance of Oral Health
  • Dangers of Fruit Drinks
  • Dentures or Implants?
  • 3 Myths about Teeth Whitening


February 2015

  • Manual vs. Electric Toothbrush
  • Cleaning Dentures
  • Proper Way to Floss
  • Our Grief with Yellow Teeth


March 2015

  • On the Tint of Your Tongue
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal Diet
  • Pain-Free Worry-Free
  • The Amalgam Advantage


April 2015

  • Foods that Whiten
  • Don't Come Back, Plaque
  • Mail Order Straightening
  • Precursors of Dental Problems
  • The Wisdom Tooth Diet


May 2015

  • Vegetarian Diets and Teeth
  • Treating TMJ
  • Lesser Known Youth Dental Facts
  • Speech Disorder Significance


June 2015

  • When to Floss
  • Benefits of Dental Implants
  • A Brighter Smile, Today


July 2015

  • Beating Bruxism
  • Saving Teeth from Bad Habits
  • Crunchy Food Cures
  • Treating Dry Mouth
  • Implant Maintenance


August 2015

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • The Best Whitening Ways
  • What to Do in Dental Emergency
  • Does Your Oral Health Have Hops?


September 2015

  • Why do Baby Teeth Matter?
  • Save Your Teeth from Harm!
  • Tips for Visit Success


November 2015

  • Save Your Teeth from Halloween Treats
  • Why Root Canal Therapy is Necessary
  • What Wrecks Our Teeth
  • For Our Smiles, We are Thankful


December 2015

  • Flossing Properly
  • Don't Skip Even a Day Without Brushing!
  • Do I Have Gum Disease?
  • Dental Difficulties on the Holidays

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