West Indianapolis Dentists Discuss how to Avoid Unnecessary Dental Pain


As children, most of us were not given the opportunity to say "no, thank you" to dental visits. Sometimes, this lack of control translates into a staunch stubbornness that keeps us from seeing the dentist in our adult years. While adulthood comes with its perks, the way that teeth are taken care of continues to be a highly important matter. When oral care falters, there is a greater risk for unexpected (and painful) problems like infection in a root canal. Read on to see what West Indianapolis dentists have to say about avoiding such problems.


Home Care

Daily care is crucial to the longevity of teeth. Brushing is so easy to do that this is often where people fall short. The fact of the matter is that there is a proper way to brush. We are happy to demonstrate this for patients of all ages, not just children. Just because you brush at morning and at night doesn't mean you are reaping all the benefits of this practice. Are you brushing for two full minutes? Is your toothbrush working gently on each tooth for an adequate amount of time?

Brushing is necessary, but there is more. Flossing is an important follow up because this is the only way to reach debris between teeth. It is also the only way to reach plaque that may be ready to settle in on these hidden tooth surfaces. The areas that are most often affected by decay are those in between teeth.


Professional Care

There was a reason that our parents made sure we got in to see the dentist every six  months! Usually, this timing prevents the development and progression of problems that could lead to pain. A thorough exam every six months means that we are alerted right away if there is any evidence of decay or gum disease. The early diagnosis of such conditions allows us to act quickly and conservatively, rather than having to perform extensive repair.


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