Start The Year Right with Your Indianapolis Dentist

With the school year just beginning for most students, your dentists in Indianapolis Indiana here at Westside Family Dental feel it is one of the best times of the year to come see us for an exam and cleaning! Starting your child’s year off right by addressing any dental issues and giving them a great, bright smile can help them get off on the right foot and follow their oral health regimen all year long.


Since we have been working in the dental field for quite a long time, we know that unfortunately children aren’t always thrilled about their visit. Below we have gathered some tips for you to make your child’s next appointment the best it can be!


-Make sure to schedule an appointment at an appropriate time for your child’s needs. For young children, try not to schedule during a time where they may be taking a nap. For older children, try not to schedule at the end of a busy school day or after sports or other activities. Also, when it comes to the month, our busiest times can be just before school starts and during spring break- so try to call ahead of time to get a date and time you need.


-Directly after a cleaning we suggest that a child doesn’t eat or drink anything substantial. Make sure they have a light snack ahead of time to hold them over, past their appointment. Don’t go too heavy, to avoid gagging, and make sure they brush after this snack too!


-If you have an older child, try to have them go first at the appointment. They can usually set an example for the younger ones, helping them relieve any fear or anxiety.


-If you, the parent, experience any anxiety about the dentist- it is important to be rather “stone-faced.” Children can often smell and mimic fear, and not having that happen is important here. Encourage your child to ask questions to us and to become acquainted, as this can help sway any anxiousness or fear in the future.


For more information on scheduling your child’s next appointment with your dentist in Indianapolis at Westside Family Dental, call (317) 241-9876 today!

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