The Power of Implants Compel Us!

For most people in today's society, the most common form of tooth replacement they have known is dentures. Of course, there is also bridgework, which dentists perform when only a few teeth need to be replaced. Even though dental implants have been around for quite some time now, there is still work to do in terms of educating ourselves on their numerous advantages compared to their predecessors.


The idea of dental implants - or root replacement - is actually not all that innovative. Archeological evidence points to attempts at replacing roots and teeth in one fell swoop by inserting bone or shells into the gums. Ouch! We can't imagine doing that today, let alone hundreds of years ago when anesthesia methods were not all that great. The good news is, your West Indianapolis Dentists at Westside Family Dental know how to perform dental implant treatment in a gentle manner, with numbing medication, and even with sedation. Yippee!! The other bit of good news is that dental implants far exceed what your ancestors were offered.


To understand the benefits of dental implant treatment, it is necessary to recognize the role that roots play in your mouth. Implants are, after all, designed to stand-in for these structures after tooth loss. When you chew, speak, or smile a la natural, your teeth remain stable because they are held to the jawbone by roots. Conversely, it has been discovered that roots also fill an important role in maintaining jawbone structure. When you chew, force hits your teeth and sends stimulation down through the roots. This prompts bone tissue to continually regenerate.


Advantages of dental implants:


  • These tiny replacement roots maintain the transfer of stimulation necessary for bone to regenerate.
  • Bone regeneration is vital to the ongoing strength and structure of the jaw, which means that cheeks, lips, and chin will not sink inward.
  • Without their tether to the jawbone, teeth cannot be fully stable. When affixed to dental implants, a crown, bridge, or full denture can feel so near to 100% natural that you may not even notice a difference!
  • When teeth are completely stable, it is easy to eat a variety of healthy foods. It is also possible to smile, laugh, and interact with others without the fear that teeth may slip out of place.


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