Emergency Dentist in West Indianapolis Discusses Dangers of Drinking Soda


It’s no secret that soda is one of the most popular drinks. They’re easy to find, easy to share, and relatively affordable. Unfortunately, there are consequences to drinking large amounts of soda for more reasons than one. Your emergency dentist in West Indianapolis wants to share what only some of the negative side effects to consistently drinking sodas.


Weight Gain
Sodas have such a large amount of calories and sugar that it’s easy to see why a patient could gain weight because of it. An extra 3,500 calories equates to one pound of weight gain, so if you consume one soda every single day that has 500 calories, you can easily gain one pound a week. Replacing this soda with a glass of water can dramatically increase your health more than you know!


Tooth Decay
Your teeth are more sensitive than you may think, so it’s important to know what can harm them. Soda is the biggest culprit. Beverages with large amounts of sugar completely coat your teeth, gums, and tongue, lingering for a long time which causes constant damage to their dental health. This makes them susceptible to rotting and they have the possibility of falling out.


Protect your teeth from sugary dangers by contacting your emergency dentist in West Indianapolis and scheduling an appointment today by calling our office at (317) 241-9876.




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