West Indianapolis Dentists Show Different Ways that Patients have the Ability to Harm their Smile


Taking care of your smile is an important part of your everyday routine and should never be ignored. There are popular forms of damage that can affect your dental health; items like sodas, candies and other sweets, and foods and drinks that have high levels of acidity. Ignoring your dental routine of brushing and flossing every day also contributes to the potential risk your teeth could suffer from. Your West Indianapolis dentists provide information about some not so well known ways that patients can damage their teeth.


Weight Lifting
It seems to be a natural tendency that people clench their jaw when they’re lifting weights, preparing their bodies and brains for the additional pressure onto your arms or legs. Although it may improve your performance, you’re putting an extreme amount of pressure onto your teeth that can cause cracks, breaks, loosening, and jaw pain.


If you’re known to clench or grind your teeth while you work out, you should highly consider wearing a mouth guard. This will not only protect the structure of your teeth, but also any potential jaw issues in the future.


Read more about other surprising ways that you could be damaging your smile and make sure you’re taking care of your teeth by making an appointment with your West Indianapolis dentists. Call our office to schedule your appointment at (317) 241-9876 today.




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