Dentists in 46241 Share 3 Reasons You May Need a Root Canal

Root canals are one of the most well known procedures in dentistry, and certainly one of the most dreaded. Unfortunately, despite their prevalence and familiarity to most people, what a root canal actually is and why it is needed is a mystery to most patients. It is for this reason that root canals are often mislabeled as a painful or traumatic experience. In truth, they are very easy to tolerate and almost everyone experiences no pain at all during the procedure. Here are three common reasons why a root canal might be performed. 
To Treat an Abscessed Tooth
The most common reason to perform a root canal is to treat an abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is simply one that is infected by bacteria. More specifically, the dental pulp is infected. The pulp is the bundle of nerves, blood vessels, and tissues inside a tooth’s roots. When the pulp becomes infected, the only cure is to remove it completely; otherwise the bacteria have a never-ending supply of nutrients. A root canal is the process of removing the dental pulp from the interior of the tooth and filling the empty space with a protective material. 
A Large Cavity
Similar to an abscess, a large cavity can sometimes penetrate the tooth so deeply that it threatens to expose the nerve. Once this happens, a root canal must be performed since the nerve cannot be covered up again, not to mention the fact that nerve exposure results in immediate exposure to the millions of bacteria present in the mouth. Even if a tooth with a large cavity in close proximity to the nerve is asymptomatic, a root canal may still be needed. 
To Prepare a Broken Tooth For a Crown
Sometimes when teeth break, they break so severely and lose so much tooth structure in the process that the nerve is exposed to the environment. As mentioned previously, when nerve exposure occurs, a root canal is indicated. Furthermore, some broken anterior (front teeth) may require a prophylactic root canal in order to prepare it for a dental crown. The reason for this is that broken front teeth often require what is known as a “build-up” of synthetic material to create adequate surface area for a crown. The build-up is often reinforced by a post cemented inside the hollow root of a tooth. This can only be accomplished after a root canal is performed. 
If you are experiencing a toothache, or have a severely broken tooth or large cavity, it is wise to consult your dentists in 46241 for an examination. The consequences of untreated dental infections can be serious. Never leave your health to chance—see your dentist and find out what options you have for restoring your tooth and keeping it free of infection. 
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