Your 46241 Dentists Share 5 Dental Issues You Might Not Know About

Most people have heard the terms tooth decay or gum disease, but there are other common ailments that affect the mouth. Here are some that you might not have heard about before.
Oral Herpes
Most people think of the sexually transmitted disease when they hear of herpes. There is another form that affects the gum tissue instead. These sores heal on their own within a week or two but can be brought on by fever, stress, fatigue and sun exposure.
When you suffer from an outbreak of oral herpes, visiting the dentist is not necessary. Instead, consider the use of an over-the-counter medication like Orabase which will relieve discomfort and shorten the life of the sores.
Temporomandibular Joint Paint (TMJ)
The joints located on either side of your head help you to swallow, speak, open the mouth and chew. If they aren’t operating properly, you might have discomfort and pain. Make an appointment with the dentist to determine the cause of your pain and a solution.
Dry Mouth
There are many medications that affect how much saliva your mouth produces. When the production is low, your mouth is susceptible to an overgrowth of bacteria. Talk to your dentist to find the cause of your dry mouth so you can also find the solution.
Thrush is a fungal infection in the mouth; it creates white lesions and invades healthy tissue. Often, thrush is caused by antibiotics, dentures or a dry mouth. The dentist can give you a medication to clear it up quickly, so make an appointment right away.
Burning-Mouth Syndrome
Most of the time this occurs in middle-aged and older women. It’s often caused by hormonal changes, nerve damage, fungal infections, nutritional deficiencies or dry mouth. Symptoms include a tingling or burning sensation in the mouth, changes in taste and reduction of saliva production. The symptoms could be sporadic or constant. Talk to your 46241 dentists to determine the cause of your issues. 
No matter what embarrassing ailment you are encountering, the dentist has seen it before. Nothing you share with them is new or frightening, so don’t be afraid to call and get help. The sooner you reach out, the sooner you’ll feel relief.
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