Dental Tool Guide

Dentists in 46241 Provide Guide to Dental Tools

Have you ever walked into a dentist's exam room, taken one look at all the metal tools laid out next to the chair, and wanted to turn around and walk right back out? Or maybe you've seen them and wondered what they're called and what they're used for. Whether satisfying curiosity or assuaging fear, knowing the basics about the tools your dentist uses in your mouth can be helpful. Here are a few of the most common tools you'll see used during an examination.
Mouth Mirror
This one is pretty obvious! Your dentists in 46241 use this little mirror attached to a rod to see parts of your teeth that would otherwise be impossible to view. They also will use it to reflect light on the dark parts of your mouth.
Dental Explorer
Also known as a sickle probe, this is the hooked instrument that has a pointed end. Believe it or not, there's some controversy around the use of this tool. Some dentists still use the pointed end to test possible sites of decay. However, others hold that the sharp end might cause damage to areas that might otherwise heal with care and fluoride. Depending on which side of the debate your dentist comes down on, they may or may not use this tool to check for cavities. They will, however, likely use it to remove plaque build up.
Periodontal Probe
This is like the sickle probe except that the end is blunt. Your dentist uses this tool to measure the depth of your gums around your teeth in order to check the health of your gums. The end has markings to aid in measuring.
This tool typically has hooks on both ends. Your dentist uses it to remove tartar and plaque from your teeth, including from under the gums.
Saliva Ejector
It's common for saliva to collect in your mouth during a dental exam. The saliva ejector exerts gentle suction in order to remove saliva, blood and water.
The next time you go to your dentists in 46241 for a check-up, take a closer look at their tools! Knowing what they are and what they do can make your check-up less scary. Call our office today at (317) 241-9876.
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