Westfield, IN Dentist Discusses Visiting the Dentist Even if You Don't Have Teeth

A visit to the dentist ensures that your teeth and gums remain healthy. If you have a full set of dentures, do you still need to visit the dentist regularly? This is a great question that many people ask. Let’s examine the facts to determine what you should be doing.
What Does the Dentist Do?
The dentist’s job is to care for your entire mouth. When you visit for a checkup, the teeth aren’t the only things they’re looking at. You also need an oral care screening to look for early signs of disease. Your gums also need care because you are still at risk for gum disease. Early symptoms might seem minor at first, but a dentist’s trained eye sees them immediately. This allows you to receive treatment before the condition worsens.
Special Care for Denture Wearers
If you have dentures, they need attention as well. Mineral deposits build up on the teeth as well as plaque and stains. This doesn’t just make them smelly and unattractive, but also allows bacteria to build up and infect your gums.
A professional cleaning allows them to remain attractive, clean and bacteria free. The dentist offers a comprehensive cleaning for your dentures so that you can protect the integrity of your mouth.
Your dentures also require a healthy jawbone and strong gum tissue for support. Over time, the dentures might begin to cause you pain or bring damage to the soft tissues. You may even notice that they stop fitting correctly. A regular visit to your dentist allows these problems to be dealt with promptly. There might come a time when the dentures need to be relined or redone completely. 
It might also be an excellent time to discuss other options with your dentist. Maybe dentures aren’t right for you anymore. There are plenty of other choices that might work better and an appointment with your Westfield, IN dentist provides the time to discuss that. Stay up to date with all your dental hygiene needs so you can continue to have a healthy mouth for the future. 
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