Eating Without Teeth

If you haven’t replaced your missing teeth or you have dentures, it might be tempting to eat without them. Even if you become a pro at it, eating without teeth is dangerous and leads to other issues.
Gum and Jaw Concerns
Chewing without teeth forces your jaw and gums to work harder. This puts unnecessary pressure on your other teeth as well. As time goes on, your teeth will become sore and your gums could be irritated. It could eventually lead to infected gums or TMJ.
Over time, the jawbone weakens and is more prone to fracturing. Yes, you could go on a liquid diet but this isn’t good for you in the long-term.
Digestive Problems
Your digestive system uses many organs that need to work together. When you don’t chew your food properly, digestion is hindered. Nutrients aren’t extracted and it could lead to bacteria in the colon. 
Saliva is produced as you chew which also protects your teeth and gums from bacteria. It also triggers the digestion process to begin in your stomach which is essential to breaking down your food.
Trying to eat a liquid diet won’t give you the nutrients you need to sustain your body and could lead to health concerns.
What’s the Solution?
Not only will eating without your teeth cause short-term concerns but there are long-term problems to think about as well. Teeth are an important part of life and you need them for the long-term. Whether you are avoiding treatment because of embarrassment, your finances or something else, you need to seek treatment.
Your 46241 dentists will work with you to find a plan that fits your needs and budget. There is no reason to continue eating without teeth any longer. Don’t allow fear to stop you from creating the life that you need. With solutions such as dentures, implants and bridges, you’ll find the choice that works for you.
So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with our dentist and discuss your needs. Then, you can walk proudly once again and show off that beautiful, healthy smile.
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