Your Dentist's Office Indianapolis discuss Effects of Soda on Healthy Teeth

Liquid candy, that’s the best way to describe soda. The average can of soda has approximately 31.8 grams of sugar, which is about equal to ten teaspoons of sugar. The average American drinks about two cans of soda in a day.


Dentist's Office in Indianapolis Explain How Soda Equals Liquid Candy


To better understand the concept of soda being liquid candy: a twelve ounce can of cola contains about 150 calories from sugar while a regular size bar of candy is approximately 200 calories from sugar. While it initially sounds better to drink one’s candy than to eat it, if two cans of sodas are consumed in a given day, the sugar consumption is 300 calories vs. the single 200 calorie chocolate bar. Given the choice of the two ‘evils’, if something sweet is wanted, the candy bar would be more beneficial. The reasons have to do with the acidity that is found in soda. Acidity is the greatest threat to your pearly whites and the high sugar content the secondary ‘evil.’


Attack on Teeth Enamel

When slowly sipping a can or glass of soda the enamel on teeth undergo a continual ‘attack.’ The hardness of the enamel begins to erode and opens up a breach to the underlying pulp of the tooth known as the dentin.
With the dentin fully vulnerable, the risk of the tooth decay by the effects of the sugar content of the soda becomes greater. Additionally, with the tooth enamel now softer, the enamel on teeth can become discolored, get a rough texture to it, and become more sensitive to hot and cold. Brushing and flossing can be painful. The tooth becomes thinner and susceptible to cracking. Soda can be powerful stuff and it wreaks havoc on healthy teeth when consumed in large quantity.

Drink soda with a straw

If you must indulge in the soda:  Drink with a straw. The soda beverage is less likely to touch the actual tooth enamel. Rinse the mouth with a glass of water after the soda to rinse away some of the acids from the teeth. Hold off brushing teeth for at least thirty minutes after drinking soda as brushing too hard can further weaken the acid-laced enamel.
Whether it's soda or candy or any other food item, you must know the effects of such things on your precious teeth so you can be in a better position to take care of your dental health. Contact your dentist's office in Indianapolis to learn more ways to keep your pearly whites healthy. 
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