Causes of Small Teeth and How to Fix Them

There are millions of people in the world, and each of us has our own distinct teeth appearance. Some appear tall and big while others look short and small. There are many factors that may cause the teeth to appear smaller than the normal size. It may be because of heredity, gender, age, lifestyle habits or some kind of teeth or gum disease.


Reasons Why Some People Have Small Teeth:




According to the Department of Dental Health in Carrington College, genetics play a significant role in the size of a person’s teeth. Like many aspects of human health, there is a genetic factor to the size of an individual’s teeth. A lot of research studies have confirmed that teeth sizes are inherited. If your small teeth are caused by genetics, you can still improve its appearance by getting them corrected with the help of a dentist.




Age is also one of the factors that may indicate the size of teeth. According to Carrington College, the central incisors can determine a person’s age since older people lose an approximate teeth size of 1-5 millimeters. 


Lifestyle Habits:


Bad habits of taking in an excessive amount of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine can have the worst impact on the appearance and size of your teeth. That is why many alcohol and drug-dependent people have teeth with severe damage.




Some cases of people having small teeth are caused by a gum disease in which the gums show more than the actual teeth when a person smiles. Luckily, there are several ways on how to fix this teeth problem. A prior diagnosis with a professional in our office will help you determine the cause of your “small teeth” problem and its solution.


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