Dentist Office Indianapolis Shares How Medications Can Affect Oral Health

Some medications, whether they are prescribed or over the counter, can have a serious effect on your oral health. Here’s what you need to know.
Saliva Production
One of the main complaints of those who take medications is a dry mouth. It’s important to have ample saliva production because this washes food away from the teeth. It also neutralizes the acids that are in the mouth as a product from plaque. When these acids remain on the teeth, you are at risk for cavities. 
Soft Tissues
In addition, the soft tissues inside your mouth like your gums and tongue can be affected as well. Those who experience breathing trouble tend to rely on inhalers. These can lead to fungal infections called thrush. Symptoms include white spots inside the mouth that could be painful. To avoid this, rinse your mouth every time you use your inhaler.
Cancer Treatments
It’s possible for cancer treatments to affect your oral health as well. To prevent this, you’ll want to speak with your dentist before starting any new treatments. In rare cases, jaw issues can manifest themselves when a patient receives bone-strengthening medications for cancer treatment. In these cases, it would be important that the dentist and physician talk about a new treatment plan.
Working with Your Dentist
These examples are just a sampling of how medications affect your mouth. It’s important that you take the time to share your medical information with the dentist so they are able to provide the care that you need. If you’ve recently had any illnesses or you are battling a chronic condition, it would be important to share that as well. When you provide a complete medical history to your dentist, be sure to include your prescription medication list as well as any over-the-counter products you are taking. This includes vitamins and supplements. If you experience any changes to this, you need to update the file your dentist has.
Spending time talking with your dentist now can ensure that your oral health is protected in the future. Take the time to discuss how your medication might affect your mouth; then you can learn how to take better care of it. Ready to schedule your next appointment at our dentist office in Indianapolis? Please give us a call at (317) 241-9876.
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