Dentists near Indianapolis area discuss Signs of Healthy Gums!

Your oral health is an essential part of your overall health. Good oral habits like regular brushing and flossing will result in strong and healthy gums. But can you tell if your gums are healthy? Healthy gum tissue has specific characteristics.

Here are the signs of healthy gums:

1. The color of a normal gum can vary, but it is usually in coral pink or a darker shade of pink.
2. A healthy gum tissue is not inflamed and therefore feels comfortable around your teeth. The shape of a healthy gum usually looks pyramidal or knife-edged. The gums should follow the curve of the tooth. A gum tissue normally has a solid texture and may have a stippled appearance.
3. Normal gum tissue doesn’t bleed during brushing.

What Causes Unhealthy Gums?

Bacterial plaque is the main cause of gum (periodontal) disease or gingivitis, according to AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry). Your gum tissue’s normal response to bacterial plaque is inflammation. Inflammation develops when a huge amount of plaque builds up against the gum line.
Other factors that result in gum disease include genes, age, stress, smoking, medications, poor nutrition, or even teeth grinding and clenching while sleeping. There’s also a connection between periodontal disease and other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.

Signs of an unhealthy gum:

There are lots of signs and symptoms associated with unhealthy gum tissues. These may even be indications of early or advanced phases of gum disease:
- Bad breath
- Red or darker in color
- Inflamed or tender gums
- Gums recede from the teeth
- Pus comes out when pressing against the gums
- Loose permanent teeth
- Sudden change to your natural bite
- The fit of your partial dentures change
- Gums bleed with brushing and flossing
Keep your gums healthy by brushing and flossing gently. Use a fluoride toothpaste and a gentle anti-bacterial mouthwash. Pay a regular visit to your dentist near Indianapolis area twice a year for checkups and cleaning.
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