Best Dentists in West Indianapolis give tips to improve men's oral health

Studies have shown that men have a higher risk of developing dental problems than women. Most of these problems are due to inadequate oral health care habits. These dental problems, if left untreated, may pose a greater risk of acquiring severe overall health problems and even life-threatening ones for men.


To start 2017 on a healthier note, your best dentist in West Indianapolis share 7 ways of improving men’s oral health:


1.      Visit the dentist regularly.  Men tend to go to their dentists only when they have dental problems. You should at least pay the dentists a visit at least twice a year for checkups and dental cleaning.


2.      Brushing and flossing regularly.  Twice a day of proper brushing of teeth and flossing before bedtime helps keeps away plaques, gum diseases, and cavities.


3.      Changing of the toothbrush. Dentists recommend a change of toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. Frayed toothbrush from overuse will not clean your teeth thoroughly. Toothbrushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and change them regularly will prevent oral infections and sickness brought about by those bacteria.


4.      Less alcohol and tobacco use.  Alcohol and tobacco have damaging effects to our oral region and overall health.  Studies have shown that these two can cause periodontal diseases and cancer.


5.      Fewer sodas and coffee. Moderation is the key. Sodas and coffee stain the teeth as well as deplete calcium in our body.


6.      Tongue Cleaning. The tongue is also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Cleaning and scraping them regularly will help keep you healthy and bad breath-free.


7.      Healthy diet.  A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables can help strengthen our immunity to diseases and prevents gum problems.


Proactive oral health care is the best way to help ensure men’s general well-being and prevent certain diseases and conditions from developing. Prevention is better than the cure, after all. Besides, it is never too late for men or women, to start working for a better oral health and a healthier you this 2017.


Contact your best dentist in West Indianapolis and see how we can help you to improve the appearance of your smile in 2017!  

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